Licensed, Bonded, & Insured Private Investigation Services

A cost effective way to obtain detailed information regarding the subject’s activity schedule, employment status, etc.  We obtain detailed information regarding the subject, utilizing the finest databases in the market, interviewing, onsite research, and conduct research via a variety of different private investigation services in Beverly, MA  and surrounding areas.

Locate and identify assets.  Elite Detective Services, Inc. can customize the asset check to meet your needs.

Obtain present and past information on an individual or business.  A background investigation can be customized to the client’s needs.  A thorough background check can cover, verification of personal information (e.g., social security number, address), driving records, criminal and civil records, nationwide Federal records, professional license verification, property, motor vehicle and boat ownership, news archives, internet research, etc.

Provide Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), and Bug Sweeps for your office or home.  These services are meant to uncover any illegal surveillance devices, any unknown technical surveillance devices, and any technical security weaknesses.  Bug sweeps and inverse surveillance measures can mean uncovering wiretapping, hidden cameras, tracking devices, and spyware.

Provides services involving all types of civil matters  which may involve, civil suits, domestic situations, backgrounds, asset checking, process serving, child custody, etc.

Utilize covert cameras, surveillance, and interviewing techniques to provide your company with the safest environment.  Elite Detective Services provides investigations involving due diligence, employee dishonesty, embezzlement, sexual harassment, employee screening, and drug use, etc.  We also provide full pre-employment checks.

Utilize a number of different types of cameras to provide video and photography whether it is in the field, in the office or at home.

Provide full service criminal investigations, including locating witnesses, interviewing, statement taking whether it be written or recorded, accident reconstruction, case review & analysis, victim background, witness background, crime scene inspections, diagrams, victim locates, witness locates, detailed reports, evidence recovery, courtroom testimony, coordination of experts, locating expert witnesses, etc.

Provide full service computer forensics investigator to  help insure proper collection, handling and examination of your computer to detect spyware, email information, hard drive information and much more.

Conducts a number of domestic investigations involving video surveillance, domestic situations, backgrounds, asset checking, process serving, stalking, harassment, child custody, divorce, and more.

Locate an individual, asset, or business, utilizing investigative knowledge and technology.
Serving all subpoenas, summons and complaint notices, and motions throughout Massachusetts.
Recorded or signed statements provides the client with the most detailed information.
Provide mobile and stationary surveillance of a number of insurance companies, law firms, individuals, and businesses.  We specialize in worker’s compensation, disability, matrimonial, domestic litigation, and criminal matters.  We utilize the latest in video technology whether it be a mobile or stationary surveillance in order to maintain ultimate discretion.  All field investigators are fully equipped with the latest in surveillance equipment.  Whether it is day or night, inside or out, near or far, Elite Detective Services, Inc.’s capabilities are second to none.
Specialize in workers’ compensation investigations.  We utilize our fully trained and experienced investigators who utilize the latest in surveillance techniques.  All of our investigators are equipped with the latest video cameras.  We also provide witness interviews, locates, death claim investigations, alive and well checks, disability claims, etc.

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