The Patriot Employer Award is presented to an outstanding citizen warrior that employs someone who currently serves or has served in the National Guard or Reserve Forces. Not just any employer receives this exceptional award. Only those who have been singled out and nominated by an employee, are given this award to reveal just how spectacular they are. Doug and Joan Vigliotta of the Elite Detective Services received this award from the Office of the Secretary of Defense on Wednesday, September 9, 2015. This award recognizes Doug and Joan for a wide range of characteristics that make them superior employers, which include: flexibility (the ability to understand when time off is necessary prior to or after deployment), caring for their employees’ families, and ultimately being extremely well rounded managers. These employers are recognized by the Secretary of Defense for contributing to our National Security and Protecting our Liberty and Freedom, by employing someone from the National Guard or the Reserve Force.

Joan and Doug are deeply humbled by this award, and look to continue to show their appreciation to current and former members of the Military.

Patriotic Employer